Are you ready to ignite your passion and to explore new potentials that will take your life to the next level? 

These online sessions will help you explore the miracle of your life energy force, reveal your authentic life purpose and let go of the excuses that are holding you back! If you are willing to tap into the unified field of consciousness to strengthen your inner voice and make wise choices to experience instant liberation, you will love your individual session! We will share shortcuts to help you dissolve the limitations created by your mind and to facilitate your access to the Quantum Field so that you can align with the transformative power of Love-Truth.

Ready to open new windows of opportunities and to align with your most prosperous timeline reality?

We have activated a new Energetic Technology to help you reprogramme your cells so that you can catalyze a profound physical-energetic shift, without effort, following your natural flow of energy.

As you awaken more Light Codes within, the change in your vibration will immediately impact in your reality!

Discover innovative tools and practices and all that you are able to realize when you feel inspired. Expand your mind and open your heart as you fully awaken your Divine Human Consciousness and celebrate the most abundant version of yourSelf!


During our 60’ sessions we will offer you a silent space where you will be able to receive high vibrational frequencies to activate more Light Codes to harmonize your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual body. This Attunement will help you open your receptive channels to absorb Regenerative Light and to embrace (more of) your essence and your soul purpose.

We will transmit the Divine Frequencies that you need to actualize your vision and you will receive an energy reading to uncover the unconscious programmes that inhibit your potential so that you can remove those energy blocks and facilitate your expansion. As you reveal more of your energy signature (essence), life purpose, destiny and mission you will enjoy the power of conscious evolution!

Value of a 60’ session with Gaitana & Yantal: USD 144. 
Duration: 1 hour.
Modality: online (Zoom virtual platform).


In order to support your evolution, we will give you access to our Private Forum so that you can connect with other participants, share insights, ask questions and enjoy the Power of Unity in action. As you connect with other members of our Light Community who share the same vision and as you reunite with your Light Family & Community, you will feel empowered and free to reveal your Authentic Life Path. Even if we will hold Sacred Space for you and we will contribute our wisdom to enlighten the group exchanges, we will prioritize your active participation so that you get involved with individual and collective transformation.

Welcome to our Community!
Gaitana Yantal.

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