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Purpose of this For...
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Purpose of this Forum

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We offer you this virtual opportunity to share your contribution to Destino Sagrado's Private Forum so that you can keep expanding consciousness together with your Community of Ascension. This space is exclusive for those participants who have received our training (online and/or in our Immersion Trips) or in private sessions.

You can share insights, ask questions that help catalyze individual-collective evolution and receive feedback from other members and from Gaitana Yantal to facilitate your transformation. Remember that this is NOT a social forum, but a channel to concentrate Higher Consciousness Exchanges.

To optimize Community Communication, we have divided this Forum into categories. Make sure you leave your comments in the section that is relevant to the programme / event that you are participating in.

*Since not all the participants have received the same initiations, please do not reveal the tools that you are including in your practices. If you want to ask something related to their use, just refer to them in general terms (e.g. 33 Light Codes, Prayers, Pyramid of Creation…).* 

Thank you for supporting Human-Planetary Enlightenment!


Infinite love and blessings,
Gaitana Yantal.
+1 829 219 5724

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