Celebrate the end of the year!

As you close this year, you will begin the next one. What vibration do you choose to embrace to create a bountiful life? Who would you love to share your next expansion of Health & Abundance with? We invite you to celebrate the end of 2021 in Unity and to reveal your vision for 2022. Awaken your Creator Consciousness to align with your soul purpose!

True spirituality is joyful.

We offer you to spend a week of pure connection so that you can remember that when you focus on your highest vibration, everything prospers (without effort). If you still believe that your spiritual growth needs to be boring, painful or hard, we welcome you to a new way of experiencing yourSelf! Reconnect with your 3Ps: Purity, Perfection and Plentitude.

Lack does not exist for a Divine Being (One who has unified with Love).

You deserve to live in a state of acceptance and of permanent joy. When you genuinely acknowledge every moment / experience as it is, you can feel Universal Love and you can be inspired to spontaneously align with your soul’s purpose. Gratitude resets you!

Let’s celebrate the beginning of a new cycle of individual-collective creation!

We invite you to…

receive an (physical-energetic) upgrade.
discover your authentic expression.
embrace the / your flow.
find your purpose.
experience Divine Love.
embrace a life of  joy and enthusiasm.
unify with nature.

and much, much more!

This special event takes place at Sublime Samaná Hotel – www.sublimesamana.com

One day at Sublime Samaná Hotel includes:

Highly-transformational guidance that you can apply to accelerate individual & collective evolution.
Energy transmissions that awaken The New Humanity.
Energy activations and tune-ups that help you embrace your authentic life path.
Body Reprogramming exercises that will help you release tensions and increase your life force energy.
High-Vibe Community sharing and support.
Spare time on the beach and in natural surroundings.
Time to embody high light frequencies.

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Next Event: December 11th – 18th (2021).

Start date
: Saturday, December 11th at 11 am.
End date: Saturday, December 18th at 1 pm.
Duration: 8 days; 7 nights.
Location: Sublime Samaná Hotel, Dominican Republic. www.sublimesamana.com

Value of this special programme: 
(it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare).

Adults & teens (+13): USD 800.
Kids (7-12): USD 400.

***10% discount for participants of our Online Programme: Live Authentically!”***

 ***IMPORTANT NOTICE! Make your hotel reservation and book your flight before signing up for this live event. Destino Sagrado is only responsible for delivering the Programmes and does not provide travel services. Residence at the Sublime Samaná Hotel is a mandatory requirement only for the duration of the programme. ***

Sublime Samaná Hotel offers us special fees for our Community!

ContactAlexander – reservations@sublimesamana.com

Join our Forum to connect with other members of our Community, to share your insights, to ask questions about your own transformation and to enjoy the Power of Unity in action! Interact with ‘’Kindred Spirit’’ to clarify your vision, to find the INspiration to commit to it and to receive collective support to stay focused on your Self-realization. Let’s interAct!

We are opening the doors of our Home in Samaná, Dominican Republic, so that we can spend some quality time together and so that we can co-create an unforgettable ascension experience!

Gaitana Yantal.

+1 829 219 5724


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