Live on purpose.

Are you ready to embrace your passion and to explore new potentials that will take your life to the next level of spiritual-material realization?

Enjoy your private space of introspection to discover your energy signature (essence), to reveal your Authentic Life Plan and to let go of all the excuses that are holding you back and that are not allowing you to expand with enthusiasm. If you want to connect with a field of Universal Love-Truth, to make wise decisions and to find accelerated resolution to your daily challenges, these sessions are for you!

A change in your vibration will immediately impact on your reality.

Discover practical Spiritual Technology that will inspire you to trust your inner transformation. As you awaken your Enlightened Consciousness you will be able to express your infinite essence naturally and to celebrate the highest version of yourSelf.


During these attunements (1 hour) you will be able to access high-vibe frequencies to re-activate more of your Light Codes and to harmonize your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual body.  

Receive Divine Frequencies to clarify your vision, to have Faith in the power of Precipitation and to enjoy an intuitive reading of your physical-energy field to uncover the unconscious programmes that are inhibiting your evolution, to transmute those energy patterns and to make inner room to reveal your Authentic Life Path.

Align with your origin, your essence, your purpose, your destiny and your mission to support your conscious evolution!

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Value of a 60’ session: USD 144.
Modality: Zoom (virtual platform).

Join our Forum to connect with other members of our Community, to share your insights, to ask questions about your own transformation and to enjoy the Power of Unity in action! Interact with ‘’Kindred Spirit’’ to clarify your vision, to find the INspiration to commit to it and to receive collective support to stay focused on your Self-realization. Even if we will hold this Sacred Space and we will share wisdom on a regular basis, we will prioritize the exchange between participants to foster the cooperation of all those involved in this transformational experience. InterAct!

Infinite love and blessings,