We offer you some private space to enjoy a one-on-one session with us to realize more of your innate potential. Get ready to awaken your Divine Self and let go of the excuses that are holding you back in life.

We offer 1-hour online sessions in which you can tap into the unified field of consciousness, strengthen your inner voice and make wise choices to experience liberation. If you are ready for transcendence, you will love these personalized sessions!

We Serve human collectives who are ready to align with Universal Truth. Both in our online programmes and in-person events, we share shortcuts to help you transcend your belief system so that you can connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite possibilities.

These are some of the essential virtues that you can activate within:

Divine Will: Elevate your intentions to transcend your limited will and be guided by your highest vision.
Divine Wisdom: Let go of your limiting belief system to embrace Universal Truth and align with the Spiritual Laws that guide your evolution.
Divine Love: Purify your relationships, dissolve attachments, need and control mechanisms so that you can experience the Power of Sacred Love.
Divine Purification: Receive a transmission of energy to clear your physical, mental and emotional fields to let go of deep attachments and find liberation.
Divine Healing: Experience the grace of healing (wholing) as it dissolves deep-rooted lack programmes and you receive the empowerment to embrace the aspects of Self that are ready to go back to Unity.
Divine Abundance: Open your channels of prosperity and allow the Abundance of your Ture Self to re-order your life and your priorities.
Divine Spirit: Resurrect your Spiritual Being and align with the Consciousness of The New Human.
Divine Service: Open your heart to remember your life purpose and cultivate the Faith necessary to realize it with enthusiasm.
Divine Alchemy: Activate new Light Codes to clear ancestral imprints and recalibrate your energy field to be transformed by Divine Grace: the profound compassion and acceptance of all life experiences.

We offer energetic shortcuts to dissolve the limitations created by your mind and to facilitate your access to the Quantum Field: a portal to infinite possibilities.

Session with the Team Guide: Gaitana.
Modality: Online (Zoom virtual platform).
Value: 111 USD. Pay with Paypal or with a credit card.


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