(Downloadable Audio MP3 - 6 hours) 

This training programme supports individual and collective empowerment. It inspires you to activate new Light Codes as you advance in your Ascension Path.

The Golden Library is a state of consciousness that represents your access to the Wisdom of the Enlightened Age. It reflects the transcendence of the limitations created by your mind and the resurrection of your innate gifts. Your personality tried to separate itself from Source in order to explore the use of free will and, evidently, its unconscious use created pain and suffering. As a Light Being you can learn from this experience and choose to realign with your Soul Purpose.

Your human cycle, that is the dual perception that makes you believe that you are separate from God, can come to an end so that your Divine Reality can emerge. Your True Self has one purpose: to shine its Light and to reveal you the Universal Mysteries that will support your evolution. You will then be able to begin or to complete the embodiment of Higher Consciousness in order to resolve your victim mentality and awaken Self-Mastery.

You have the great opportunity to go beyond your mental limitations and to open to a Universe of experiences that have, so far, been impossible to access. We are crossing a dimensional barrier that allows us to embrace inner aspects that had been blocked or denied by our belief system and, therefore, to restore Sacred Magic (our innate ability to realize our full potential).

We are undergoing a process of absolute renovation. Your main tool is your vibration. Realities are vibrational, so you can only expect to realize what you have embraced within! Everything is being amplified so that you can become more introspective and attune to the new planetary frequencies that are introducing the blessings of the Enlightened Age! In order to unleash your Divine Potential you need to clear the mental programmes that are still holding you back and choose to embrace the highest version of yourself.

We invite you to connect with your heart to awaken the wisdom that will help you embrace your spiritual power, dissolve ancestral fear and take Quantum Steps towards your highest timeline reality. Every Great Life starts with a Great Decision: to commit to your Sacred Destiny in order to BE God-Consciousness in action! You have been granted a lifetime to fulfil your Divine Purpose as well as a Light Team that is constantly supporting your Ascension Journey!

These are the main topics that are covered in this 6-hour training programme:

Session 1: Step into the Portal of Love-Truth

Remember how to set a Sacred Intention.
Understand the limitation of duality and transcend its polarities.
Let go of fear of change and welcome infinite transformation.
Address the core wound and the unconscious fear that makes you reject your Divine Potential.
Resolve inner separation and duality to receive the gifts of Unity Consciousness.
Embrace the wisdom of your Multidimensional Being.
Get ready to awaken your Divine Blueprint.

Session 2: Step into The New Earth Portal

Align with the Ascension Vortex in order to embrace your Enlightened Gifts.
Embrace your shadow to release karma and get ready for Ascension.
Transcend looping patterns to experience self-empowerment.
Heal your projections in order to unlock your Master Codes to accelerate your evolution.
Clear ancestral fear and your unconscious attachment to patterns of guilt and shame.
Learn how to remain in the ‘’eye of the storm’’ as you rewrite your whole reality.

Session 3: Step into The Golden Age Portal

Cross the Planetary Gateway that will help you align with the frequencies of the Enlightened Age. 
Awaken the Divine Feminine within.
Attune to the natural Flow of Divine Abundance.
Practise divine allowance (peaceful surrender) and divine neutrality.
Trust Divine Synchronicity.
Remember your soul purpose.
Reveal your Humanitarian Contract/Commitment so that you can support Human-Planetary Ascension.
Hold your highest vision until you can precipitate it.
Take inspired action to live a wise life.

Enjoy these three 2-hour MP3s as you cross the New Earth Portal and you get attuned to the new planetary frequencies that will help you navigate the Enlightened Age with ease and grace.

Value of the 3 MP3s: USD 144. 

Infinite love and blessings! 
Gaitana & Yantal.