We invite you to attune to the frequencies of the Enlightened Age in order to accelerate your evolution and experience the benefits of living in a flow of infinite expansion. 

This programme is aimed at Visionaries, Light Beings, Wayshowers, Pioneers, New Earth Leaders and (potential) Masters who wish to Serve collective evolution. We all have gifts to contribute to the world! We offer you a 2-month live training programme to keep up with individual and collective evolution as Humankind reaches new levels of consciousness. This programme is based on collective transmissions of universal wisdom, advanced energy initiations, energy exchanges, and a selection of transformative spiritual practices and tools so that each participant can connect with everything they need to know to catalyze their own spiritual growth and also to reach out to others who are willing to align with their true Selves.

Live & Serve in Unity. 

If you are currently offering a spiritual Service and wish to expand/evolve it or if you are taking your first steps in regard to what you can offer to the world, we have a lot to share with you. We will be integrating new Light Codes to become aligned with the Global Evolutionary Plan and enjoy the new vibrations that are now available to all of Humanity.

We invite you to leave behind the world of relativity and reconnect with the universal life force that allows you to realize your highest vision.

We offer weekly group sessions to help you elevate your Service -intensify your devotion to your true Self- and be part of the collective evolutionary wave that is making way for a New Humanity. Let yourself be guided by Unity Consciousness and engage in humanitarian action to remember what is possible when you devote your life to Serve All. We will catalyze a radical purification so that you can be free of the limiting belief system that keeps you attached to what is temporary and impermanent.

Your realization resides in your connection with what is eternal.

We will support your spiritual expansion as you discover that you can trust the Path of Love & Truth and that all that life invites you to experience is the Power of your Inner Light… in action. Your highest purpose is not aimed at accomplishing something specific as a way to obtain social approval or personal gratification, but to reveal who you are at the core of your Being. The New Education is internal, as it leads you to focus on self-inquiry so that you can (eventually) share your innate virtues with Humanity.

Our new form of  Education is defined by 9 Divine Portals and 33 Light Codes that will help you reconnect with your Sacred Destiny, that is to say with the possibility of embracing your most abundant life expression.

This is the spiritual curriculum of the Age of Aquarius.

Each Portal connects you with an aspect of your Higher Consciousness so that you can realize the qualities of your true Self. They inspire you to open wisdom bundles that allow you to remember who you are and to reveal your Life Evolutionary Plan. The 33 Sacred Codes that constitute the 9 Portals elevate, rearrange and amplify your energy field, accelerate your evolution and attune you to the New Human Consciousness. They lead you to your Liberation.

The Education for the New Humanity aims to awaken Ascended Masters, i.e. to raise human consciousness in order to transcend your limited human experience and become one with the Divine to enjoy a limitless life in which your dreams actually come true.

During this programme, we invite you to go through 6 Portals:

Divine Will: This Portal provides the energy needed to start surrendering the wishes of the ego, which seek social prestige at the expense of your Self-realization, in order to embrace the desire of your true Self. It helps you elevate your intentions to transcend your limited will and connect with your most abundant vision.

Divine Wisdom: This Portal invites you to receive an initial purification of your mental-emotional-physical and energy bodies in order to encourage you to let go of the first layers of your belief system and reconnect with the Spiritual Laws that guide your evolution.

Divine Love: This Portal inspires you to purify your relationships to empty them of attachment, need and control so that you can experience the Power of Sacred Love.

Divine Path: This Portal invites you to reveal your Life Plan. It motivates you to clear deep attachments and your main energy blocks so that you can embrace Self- Mastery. It helps you balance your energy field and activates the gift of discernment to identify the traps of the ego (the trickster).

Divine Health: This Portal lets you experience the grace of healing so that you can resolve unworthiness issues and the deep-rooted lack programme that makes you feel separate from Love and so that you can feel empowered and inspired to return to Unity.

Divine Abundance: This Portal opens your channels of prosperity so that the Abundance of your true Self can rearrange your life and your priorities.

In order to support your evolution and the continuous up-leveling of your Service, we will give you access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect with other participants, share insights, ask masterful questions and enjoy the Power of Unity in action. As you connect with other Beings that share the same vision, you will be able to reunite with your Light Family & Community, accelerate your evolution and feel supported in your transition from your human expression to your divine expression. Even though Gaitana and Yantal will hold this sacred space and will contribute their wisdom to enlighten the group exchanges, communication among the community members will be prioritized to motivate collective cooperation and inspirational support among the participants.

Awaken your New Human Consciousness and open up to experience all the quantum possibilities of the Enlightened Age!

Prepare your energy field to absorb the frequencies that are supporting Planetary Ascension. These upcoming years invite you to update your spiritual practices, purify your energy centers and reveal the wisdom that will guide the New Humanity. It’s time to renovate and to empty your vehicle from old programmes so that you can express your divine essence. The Spiritual elevation we are called to experience inspires us to reveal and embrace our Sacred Destiny. Everything becomes sublime; each word, each thought, each feeling, each action can turn into a divine transmission.

Are you ready to receive the blessings of the Enlightened Age?

Your Divine Human invites you to:

Stabilize your highest vibration.
Explore the potential of your Multidimensional Self.
Facilitate your Divine Embodiment.
Resolve your ego archetypes (your non-authentic aspects) to find liberation.
Transcend looping patterns to free your vital energy and boost your evolution.
Reconnect with the acceptance and perfection of each Being and life experience to favour your expansion.
Activate deeper levels of peace, gratitude and appreciation.
Understand your Life Path.
Embrace your Humanitarian-Planetary Service.
Generate and integrate Light Networks.
Surrender to humanitarian action.
Access the inner planes of consciousness to awaken more advanced light codes.
Open portals to receive and transmit high energy frequencies.
Awaken new energy centers to support the transition to Unity.
Reveal your role within the Global Evolutionary Plan and support the realization of the highest collective vision.
And much, much more!

Start Date: 2021.
Day: Saturday.
Time: 2-4 pm (Dominican Republic) / 2-4 pm (EDT) / 8-10 pm (GMT +2). Time Zone Converter.
Duration: 8 sessions (2 months).
Modality: Zoom Virtual Platform.
Payment: 300 USD (or 2 payments of 150 USD).

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