(Downloadable Audio MP3 - 4 hours) 

These energy attunements will help you access your Inner Temple to free your spirit, retrieve timeless gifts and embrace your destiny. Every time you visit one of its 12 Healing Chambers you will feel empowered and you will be greeted by a Priest and a Priestess who will give you quantum keys to open the door to different sections of the golden library.

The Golden Library is a state of consciousness that gives you access to The Wisdom of All the Enlightened Ages. It reflects the transcendence of the limitations created by your mind and the resurrection of your creative potential. Your personality tried to separate itself from Source in order to explore the use of free will. Evidently, its random use has created pain and suffering. As a sovereign Light Being you can transform your reality and choose to realign with your Soul Purpose.

Your human cycle, that is the dual perception that makes you believe that you are separate from God, can come to an end so that your Divine Reality can emerge. Your True Self has one purpose: to shine its Light and to reveal the Universal Mysteries that will support your evolution. As you embody Higher Consciousness, you will resolve your victim mentality and awaken your Self-Mastery.

We are crossing a dimensional barrier that allows us to embrace inner aspects that have been blocked or denied by our belief system and to restore Sacred Magick.

We are undergoing a process of absolute renovation. Your main tool is your energy. Realities are vibrational, so you can only expect to realize what you embrace within! In order to unleash your Divine Potential you need to clear the mental programmes that are still holding you back and choose to embrace the highest version of yourself.

We invite you to connect with your heart to awaken the wisdom that will help you embrace your spiritual power, dissolve ancestral fear and take Quantum Steps towards your highest timeline reality. Every Great Life starts with a Great Decision: to commit to your Sacred Destiny in order to BE God-Consciousness in action! You have been granted a lifetime to fulfill your Divine Purpose as well as a Light Team that is constantly supporting your Ascension Journey! You are meant to realize yourSelf!

Receive 12 energy attunements and interact with 12 Rings of Light to be taken on a delightful journey towards soul liberation!

Energy Attunement #1: The Voice of Awareness. 
Energy Attunement #2: The Voice of Responsibility.
Energy Attunement #3: The Voice of Service.
Energy Attunement #4: The Voice of Evolution.
Energy Attunement #5: The Voice of Neutrality.
Energy Attunement #6: The Voice of Healing.
Energy Attunement # 7: The Voice of Authenticity.
Energy Attunement # 8: The Voice of Gratitude.
Energy Attunement # 9: The Voice of Confidence.
Energy Attunement # 10: The Voice of Presence.
Energy Attunement # 11: The Voice of Wisdom.
Energy Attunement # 12: The Voice of Freedom.

Value of the 12 MP3s: USD 99. 

In order to support your evolution, we will give you access to our private facebook group so that you can connect with other participants, share insights, ask questions and enjoy the Power of Unity in action. As you connect with other members of our Light Community who share the same vision and as you reunite with your Light Family & Community, you will feel empowered and free to reveal your Authentic Life Path. Even if we will hold Sacred Space for you and we will contribute our wisdom to enlighten the group exchanges, we will prioritize your active participation so that you get involved with individual and collective transformation.

Infinite love and blessings! 
Gaitana - Yantal.