(Downloadable Audio MP3s - 7 1/2 hours) 
Ready to become your own Source of Well-Being and to remember how to cultivate your vital energy so that you can find fulfillment? These recordings include the group experience we shared during 3 consecutive days as we transmitted high-vibe frequencies from a Heavenly Energy Vortex in our Home in Samaná, Dominican Republic. As you listen to these transmissions, you will receive Quantum Health Keycodes that will help you recover inner and outer balance!

Do you believe that you can experience a Quantum Renovation?

We invite you to discover that your transformation can be simple. As you boost your vitality you can gradually become immune to the influence of external factors, that is you will be less conditioned by your surroundings because your sense of Well-Being will respond to your higher state of consciousness. Your intuitive wisdom will remind you how to find inner strength so that you let go of fearful beliefs and embrace alternative solutions and opportunities to thrive.

Quantum Health restores your sovereignty.

These recorded group sessions include Well-Being Practices that you can easily apply in your everyday life. These are the 4 core frequencies that you will be able to awaken within:

PURITY: Discover your own Power Mudra and remember how to activate your energy centres and the different layers of your Light Body so that you can experience a complete detox and prepare your field to absorb more vital energy.

VITALITY: Practice an original Pranayama, a breathing exercise, to manage your vital energy flow wisely and to renovate yourself by attuning to the power of nature.

VIGOUR: Receive Light Codes to activate your dormant DNA and experience a profound transformation. Cultivate inner strength to realize your highest vision and embrace a timeline in which your reality and your relationships reflect your expansion.

FLEXIBILITY: Pronounce a Sacred Prayer to align with the Universal Flow, awaken your Enlightened Consciousness and lead a peaceful life. Find inner peace and trust divine guidance. Have Faith in the Path of Self-Realization.

Discover your Energy Signature and embrace your Light!

Value of the 3 MP3s: USD 90. 

Welcome to this life-changing experience!
Gaitana & Yantal



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