***In order to participate in this event you need to complete our online programme: The Divine Human.***

Ready to embrace God Consciousness?

Do you feel called to experience a direct connection with Source? We invite you to awaken your Miracle Consciousness. A miracle is a realization that does not come from the mind. Everything that you think and do outside of your belief system is miraculous because it is not conditioned by the limits of your intellect. It inspires you to perceive reality beyond fear and to embrace the realm of Love and Truth.

Are you ready to co-create with the Divine and become a Humanitarian Leader? You came to Earth to Serve the Higher Plan. Inner stillness and silence can help you dissolve any limitation created by fear. It is the perfect state to find God and to reconcile Heaven and Earth. When revelations occur, Universal mysteries come to light and you receive Divine Inspiration. Silence activates your Miracle Consciousness.

Divine Alchemy awakens the Ascended Master within.

Self-Mastery invites you to establish a direct connection with God-Source. Divine Union is your opporunity to let go of your personal will, to embrace Higher Wisdom and to receive all the blessings that unfold when you surrender to the Divine Flow. Everything becomes sublime; each word, each thought, each feeling, each action can turn into a divine transmission. This is the Way of Miracles.

We invite you to go through 2 Multidimensional Portals to complete the integration of 33 Light Codes.

Divine Service: This Portal inspires you to remember your Earthly Mission and to cultivate enough Faith to realize it. It encourages you to complete the purification required to complete your Divine Embodiment and to embrace your core desire: to Serve Source. Are you ready to support Humanity and to thrive in the Enlightened Age?

Divine Alchemy: This Portal activates God Consciousness within. You become the Divine Will … in action. It inspires you to externalize your highest vision and to realize your Divine Mission. Are you ready to polish all the facets of your inner diamond and to embrace your Divine Essence?

Become a clean vessel through which Divine Transmissions can flow.

We don’t invite you to follow us, but to allow us to guide you along the Path of Love and Truth until you awaken your Divine Essence. This programme is not meant for followers, but for (potential) Leaders and Masters of the New Humanity who wish to take responsibility for Global Change. We will walk you to the Gates of the Kingdom/Queendom and inspire you to embrace God-Consciousness. You decide when to cross this Portal, together with Divine Presence. When you free your Spirit, you recover the Faith in your Authentic Life Path; your search ends and your Sacred Destiny unfolds: the state in which you can co-create with the Divine Source.

Start Date: June 5th.
Duration: 8 sessions (1 month).

Day: Wednesdays & Saturdays.
Dates: June 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30.

Wednesdays: 7pm to 9pm (AST - Dominican Republic).
Saturdays: 2pm to 4 pm (AST - Dominican Republic).
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Modality: Zoom Virtual Platform.

Payment : USD 400. 

In order to support your evolution, we will give you access to our private facebook group so that you can connect with other participants, share insights, ask questions and enjoy the Power of Unity in action. As you connect with other members of our Light Community who share the same vision and as you reunite with your Light Family & Community, you will feel empowered and free to reveal your Authentic Life Path and to complete your transition from your human to your divine expression. Even if we will hold Sacred Space for you and we will contribute our wisdom to enlighten the group exchanges, we will prioritize your active participation so that you get involved with individual and collective transformation.

Welcome to this Divine Experience!
Gaitana - Yantal