New Earth Frecuencies


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We are on the threshold of an Enlightened Age that inspires us to transcend millennia of disempowerment in order to embrace an Ascended State of Consciousness.

We all have a specific role to play in this phase of Human-Planetary evolution and, in order to uncover it, we need to be willing to lift the veils of illusion that don’t allow us to stand in our greatness and have Faith in our potential. The Enlightened Age will bring about divine revelations that will allow for the spontaneous awakening of our divine gifts so that we can remember who we are and serve planetary elevation.

We are now ready to embody our Divine Self. It is safe to step up, to stop hiding and to let go of our identification with our limited human personality. We deserve to embrace our Universal essence! Let’s spread our wings and fly to infinity! As our spirit soars, we can uplift all of Humanity!

Gaitana & Yantal.