The Divine Human

The Divine Human

''We are on the threshold of an Enlightened Age that inspires us to transcend millennia of disempowerment in order to embrace an Ascended State of Consciousness. The Enlightened Age will bring about divine revelations that will allow for the spontaneous awakening of our divine gifts so that we can remember who we are and serve planetary elevation. We are now ready to embody our Divine Self. We deserve to embrace our Universal essence! Let’s spread our wings and fly to infinity! As our spirit soars, we can uplift all of Humanity!'' - Gaitana & Yantal -


We are in service to Unity Consciousness and we support Human and Planetary evolution. We feel that the massive awakening that is happening is reminding us of our drive to stand in our power and to contribute our innate gifts to support Collective Ascension. We are all becoming aware of our willingness to step up, show up and share our time, energy and resources to bring forth an Enlightened Humanity. We all have something to give right now. If you resonate with our Service and would love to support it, we welcome your heart-felt contribution! Your gift means a lot to us, our Community and our Humanitarian Spirit, which is based on reciprocation and appreciation. Thank you for trusting that everything is possible when we focus on materializing an Enlightened Reality!