You are not your thoughts or emotions. Your mental-emotional compass is one of the tools that your consciousness gifts you to become aware of your inner state. Your internal measuring instrument is accurate and fail-proof. What does it measure? Your alignment with Source. It’s as simple as following your bliss, that is what feels good, what IS aligned. Your thoughts and emotions are a clear reflection of your subconscious belief system and of your limited perception.

It is vital to clarify that there tends to be a confusion between what feels good to the ego and what is authentic to your True Self. The limited mind has been trained to compromise and, therefore, creates a false sense of well-being; it is focused on getting a job, a house and on building a strong family to feel safe. It is attached to external sources of happiness  and seeks instant gratification to feel satisfied.

So, what does it mean to BE aligned?

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We tend to feel purer when we read, listen or speak about spirituality or human evolution. We believe that adhering to certain spiritual concepts makes us smarter, responsible or even more authentic. However, spirituality is not exclusively defined by external behaviours but by our vibration. This means that what makes us spiritual cannot be faked.

True spirituality means embodying our Spirit and embracing Higher Consciousness as the ultimate Truth.

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Let your Self shine! False modesty disempowers you; Self acknowledgment amplifies your capacity to Love. You’ve learnt to undervalue yourself because deep down you don’t know who you really are. Self-contempt not only makes you underestimate your life, but also tolerate lack of authenticity in your relationships. We have learnt to lower our standards to avoid making other people uncomfortable. Therefore, we feel safe when we conform and we feel threatened when we value our potential.

What do you believe corresponds to you? What do you truly desire? What is apparently holding you back?

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To be Present (Mindful) is not the same as to embrace Pure Consciousness. Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your physical reality and to witness that illusion so that you don’t become reactive and get lost in its distortion. You can pay closer attention to your thoughts, emotions and to your human experiences, though you are still attached to (improving) your personality. This experience is important becuase you can release stress and stop feeling a victim to your reality. It is a necessary phase along your evolutionary path.

Are you ready to take it a step further?

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What is your core fear? You may think that it has to do with an external experience that causes you insecurity or that is outside of your comfort zone. It can be public speaking, starting or ending a relationship, having your own business or Service, travelling alone. However, you're not afraid of something external though it may seem so because you tend to project your fear to certain situations or persons. What stands in the way of freedom and prevents you from transcending all your limitations is your fear of commitment. Your belief system endures because you trust your relative beliefs. You're identified with duality and you're afraid of Unity.

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Your commitment to the Path of Love and Truth leads to your Final Judgment. In that moment your Worthiness Codes awaken within and you experience the alchemical process through which your sinful mentality turns into your Miraculous Consciousness. You let go of guilt and you stop punishing yourself for your seeming mistakes. You no longer perceive lack and you embrace Divine Perfection.

To have good intentions for your life is not the same as having a strong commitment to self-realization. When you are willing to completely transform yourself and enlighten every aspect of your limiting belief system, you stop being a hostage to it. The emptying of your vessel needs to be absolute in order to ignite a new matrix, which does not contain degraded codes, but Light Codes.

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The Path of Self-Mastery is experiential. You can't give what you haven’t embraced and is not the result of your direct experience. It's easy to share theories because it only requires you to read books, borrow other people’s ideas and gather information. Anyone can do it. However, your Service involves contributing wisdom, not information.

In order to have Humanitarian-Planetary impact, you have to focus on self-awareness. This is the first step of any Service. Introspection precedes externalization. Many people try to skip or accelerate this step, but it's vital that you can appreciate your time of self-inquiry. It is the one that allows you to lay the foundations of your life and of your Divine Service.

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This coming month of September inspires us to embrace a new reality. In order to make an organic transition into our highest timeline, I will share the most relevant themes of the month so that you can reflect on them and align with the frequencies that are already preparing us to take this leap in consciousness.

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I invite you to reflect on the Source of your Desires. What is their purpose? What are you looking for?

Are your desires transcendental? What do you really desire? To take something from others or to give something to others? If your desires come from your ego and your need for self-gratification, what you get from them is ephemeral; happiness and satisfaction vanish before your mind can come up with a new need. If your desires come from your Self, from your inner source of abundance, they always inspire you to Serve.

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Your Divine Human awakens when you are prepared to transcend your separation with your Divine Source and you complete the phase called Divine Embodiment, i.e. your unification with Higher Consciousness. Your human programmes are erased as well as all the behaviours that used to define your personality and you embrace your divine qualities and gifts.

Your Worthiness Codes are activated as you reclaim your Inner Light.

In your transition to your Divine Human expression, you can expect to go through certain stages that will train you to have Faith in your highest vision. Your Divinization  is progressive and involves multiple revelations so that you can gently integrate the new wisdom.

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Where can you find security and stability in times of transition? How can you rely on your highest vision when external reality is uncertain and there seems to be no clear boundaries?

Your anchor point is in your heart, outside of your conditioned mind. It is in your space of inner stillness and silence, where you can hear the Divine Will and not be governed by limiting beliefs. You need to rely on your inner vision.

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In this second part of this Divine Transmission I will share more of the frequencies that will be released with the opening of the Lions Gate.

*This Portal supports the healing of our fear of authority and abuse of power. This is one of the programmes that prevents us form embracing Unity Consciousness and interferes with the reunification of Sacred Unions, Light Families and Light Communities. For many Beings, this Portal will mean the complete emptying of the old paradigm and of victim mentality.

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Welcome to our Blog!

We Serve Planetary Enlightenment and are ready to guide you on the path to individual and collective evolution. Do you also visualize an Ascended Humanity? Together, we can shape our highest destiny.

This Blog specifically empowers those who are ready to embody Higher Consciousness and awaken their divine potential. We share shortcuts to help you transcend your limiting belief system so that you can connect with your heart wisdom and open a portal to infinite possibilities.

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This Divine Transmission intends to prepare you to accept all the blessings that come with the opening of the Lions Gate (8/8/2020). This door to another density of consciousness is an opportunity to jump timelines, to let go of everything that has defined you and has already been embraced/acknowledged and inspire you to externalize your Divine Expression.

To enter a Portal means that you will attune to its main frequencies in order to accept inner transformation. As you make your way through it, your energy field and your consciousness will be recalibrated so that you can become aware of your non-authentic aspects/behaviours (to choose to let go of them) and so that you can perceive, in a crystal clear way, which Divine Virtues you are ready to awaken within.

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