To be Present (Mindful) is not the same as to embrace Pure Consciousness. Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your physical reality and to witness that illusion so that you don’t become reactive and get lost in its distortion. You can pay closer attention to your thoughts, emotions and to your human experiences, though you are still attached to (improving) your personality. This experience is important becuase you can release stress and stop feeling a victim to your reality. It is a necessary phase along your evolutionary path.

Are you ready to take it a step further?

You can embrace your true essence; that which is not bound by a physical body or by physical limitations. Pure Consciousness dissolves the illusion created by your mind. It perceives reality beyond (relative) forms and reminds you of who you really are (absolute). If your highest intention was not focused on improving something limited, what would you focus on? We invite you to offer your life, your desires and your realizations to ‘’that’’. Give everything back to the One and enjoy your liberation.

As timelines split, it’s time to make your highest choice. What reality do you want to participate in?

Join our 90-minute live group gatherings to awaken new Light Codes and facilitate your connection with Higher Consciousness. We’ll hold a Sacred Space for you to listen to your inner wisdom, renovate yourSelf and welcome 2021 with enthusiasm. Ready to trust and to embrace your Sacred Destiny? We are all being called to quantum jump to receive all the blessings of this higher timeline!

Receive the blessings that Higher Consciousness can bring into your life! Go ahead and answer your highest calling: live a Service-oriented life as you support Human and Planetary Ascension!

Let’s Realize the New Earth together and discover what is possible to experience when we transcend collective fear and limitations.

Register here: http://bit.ly/DS-RNE