What is your core fear? You may think that it has to do with an external experience that causes you insecurity or that is outside of your comfort zone. It can be public speaking, starting or ending a relationship, having your own business or Service, travelling alone. However, you're not afraid of something external though it may seem so because you tend to project your fear to certain situations or persons. What stands in the way of freedom and prevents you from transcending all your limitations is your fear of commitment. Your belief system endures because you trust your relative beliefs. You're identified with duality and you're afraid of Unity.

False well-being is created when you define your present life by comparing it to your past. Since life is evolutionary by nature, you will always perceive that you are better than before. However, being better than you were doesn't mean that you are well. It's just an illusion of improvement. You can't define your state of bliss by contrasting two options or states of Being when, in fact, there is just one.

Bliss is not conditional. If you are only happy in certain places or situations or when you are surrounded by certain people, your happiness is not real. Unity invites you to reconnect with eternal, permanent bliss.

Most therapies assist people in improving their lives but they just fix their personality; they don’t help them liberate from it. People think that they are achieving something important and feel successful. It’s a trap. As long as you make relative changes, you're going to experience dissatisfaction. You might make up for it momentarily, but you won't solve it. As you conceal your discomfort you get caught up in the rat race of struggling to get ahead emotionally and financially and confusing the adrenaline generated by your achievements with vitality. You might feel energized and use your momentary excitement to set new goals and keep going. Your ego entertains you by doing something spiritual and making you believe that you're freeing yourself, while it does not let you touch your point of transformation. 

In the transition from the relative to the absolute (to a unified reality) your fear of commitment is amplified. Many people stop expanding consciousness because they believe that it activates their deepest fears and they don't want to face them. The mind makes them believe that if they stop focusing on their self-realization everything will return to normal and their fears will fade away. They associate change with fear, rather than taking responsibility for the fact that the root of fear is within. It's not due to an external factor.

You're not afraid of something. You're afraid. If you stop projecting and justifying your fear, you can acknwoledge it. Instead of trying to calm it you can accept it; you can stop taking it for granted as if it were something natural or inevitable and choose to free yourself from it. To feel permanent bliss you have to be willing to transcend fear. Denial doesn't make it disappear, it magnifies it.

Those who are ready to free themselves leave no stone unturned. You can't negotiate your way to freedom based on your attachments and personal comfort. As long as you have doubts and feel insecure, fear will threaten your inner confidence. You can't awaken your free essence if you're disempowered because freeing yourself means to stop believing in your limitations and to claim your Divine Power.

How does the ego defend itself from the absolute Truth? It validates the collective belief system that is based on lack and temporal values. For example, it convinces you of the fact that all personal paths are valid, that everyone has the right to create their own experience, that there is not a single way to happiness, that life is not profound and that it is not necessary to enlighten everything to find completion. They are all excuses that defend a false sense of democracy: the will of the ego.

To be free is not to be reckless. If you believe in the excuses of the ego, you might conclude that you can use your free will without considering the consequences of your actions. This is not freedom, but rebellion. You will be right about the wrong things and will be eventually disappointed. Inevitably, you are going to break free from that illusion to find liberation.

Commitment only frightens the ego, which does not want to let go of attachments and does not want to accept that there is just one Will. The ego is fragmented and, therefore, takes the form of thousands of conflicting thoughts. It distracts you so that you don’t embrace your Divine Path. Unity simplifies everything. All becomes One.