Your commitment to the Path of Love and Truth leads to your Final Judgment. In that moment your Worthiness Codes awaken within and you experience the alchemical process through which your sinful mentality turns into your Miraculous Consciousness. You let go of guilt and you stop punishing yourself for your seeming mistakes. You no longer perceive lack and you embrace Divine Perfection.

To have good intentions for your life is not the same as having a strong commitment to self-realization. When you are willing to completely transform yourself and enlighten every aspect of your limiting belief system, you stop being a hostage to it. The emptying of your vessel needs to be absolute in order to ignite a new matrix, which does not contain degraded codes, but Light Codes.

If you imagined that you were being called to trial, you might think that those who are summoning you want to sentence you. You might condemn yourself before listening to your case. However, judgment day offers you the possibility to consciously complete an evolutionary phase and embody your Divine Self.

In every trial there is an interrogation and those who testify in favour or against your innocence. It is a display of your core beliefs. They are personified thoughts. The court, the place where the trial takes place, is your mind.

Who is your executioner? Who intimidates you? What is your crime? What is the reason why you don’t deserve freedom?

Do you believe that you will be condemned or acquitted? It’s just a matter of self-perception. Do you consider yourself guilty? Are you attached to a sinful identity?

You can visualize the chamber where your final judgment takes place as a Hall of Mirrors. Each one reflects one aspect of your mind. Most people tend to run away when they face those reflections because they don’t want to acknowledge their limitations. Lack of self-love is so evident that they deny it. As they don’t take responsibility for their wounds and weaknesses, they create a false sense of liberation. They confuse temporary relief with resolution. However, you cannot transcend what you don’t own and love.

Judgment Day puts an end to your distortions. It is an opportunity to clear you karma (the denial of your divine virtues) and to accept that you have completed your cycle of human experiences and that you are ready to walk your Divine Path.

This possibility is always present, not just one day, since you can realize, at any moment, that your inner suffering responds to a false identity. Your harassing thoughts take away your peace and freedom. You can get out of your mind and embrace universal love in order to find liberation. If you realized that you are your own interrogator, you could plead innocent and free yourself from inner torment.

Judgment Day invites you to integrate everything and reject nothing. It is not about pushing away those dark aspects that seem dangerous or undesirable, but about feeling complete, that is reuniting all your aspects and embracing them through the power of love. You are acquitted when you love yourself completely; you are condemned when you find something to judge or criticize. Divine Love liberates, it does not blame.

Self-realization does not imply social success, achieving a certain goal or having a specific experience, but to realize that you are not a sinner. You are a Son of God; a Divine Being who is worthy of activating all the Sacred Codes that allow him/her to realize Heaven on Earth in order to eradicate human suffering and live in bliss.

If your Judgment Day was today, how would you plead?