The Path of Self-Mastery is experiential. You can't give what you haven’t embraced and is not the result of your direct experience. It's easy to share theories because it only requires you to read books, borrow other people’s ideas and gather information. Anyone can do it. However, your Service involves contributing wisdom, not information.

In order to have Humanitarian-Planetary impact, you have to focus on self-awareness. This is the first step of any Service. Introspection precedes externalization. Many people try to skip or accelerate this step, but it's vital that you can appreciate your time of self-inquiry. It is the one that allows you to lay the foundations of your life and of your Divine Service.

If you want to understand Humanity, you only have to understand yourself because there is just one universal template, that is, a single configuration that defines us. The human matrix, based on fear and limitations, is the same for everyone. Once you illuminate its constituent patterns, you can free yourself from them and enlighten the Path of Liberation for others. When you can heal (return everything to Unity) and you can love yourself completely, you can naturally open your heart to Humanity.

Many people believe that introspection is unproductive and a waste of time because they do not see the profound connection between the individual and the Whole. The deeper you go within, the more you expand. As you unlock Light Codes within, your reality reflects more of your abundance.

Aside from the fear of introspection, people are often afraid to open their hearts. They believe that if they are generous they will be hurt or that others will take advantage of their innocence. Kindness is one of your divine virtues and, therefore, can never cause harm. It comes from abundance, not from lack. It heals, unifies and restores divine order.

Naivety, on the other hand, comes from fear and, therefore, from your lack of discernment. When you feel fear, you make decisions based on your attachments, you feel the need to attack or to defend your belief system or to please others in order to belong to a certain social group. When you speculate, your reality will take you to a point of disillusionment, because it will mirror your distortion and give you the opportunity to restore your Faith in kindness. If you give from your heart, selflessly, you will always feel joy, regardless of the response of those around you. Your Humanitarian Spirit will naturally awaken. It is a gateway to Love and Truth.

To Know Thyself is to remember your loving essence. That remembrance makes you transcend your limited human experiences, your lack of self-love, and reclaim your divine essence. As you embody your soul virtues you can embrace your Ascended Reality and receive all its blessings.