This coming month of September inspires us to embrace a new reality. In order to make an organic transition into our highest timeline, I will share the most relevant themes of the month so that you can reflect on them and align with the frequencies that are already preparing us to take this leap in consciousness.

*Choose your empowerment: it is time to implement what you have remembered. The wisdom that you have revealed must be applied in order to embody the aspects of your higher consciousness that you have activated. It is a call for inspired action.

*Overcome denial: Shed light on your deepest fears and let go of the passive attitude that is generated when you do not trust your own transformation because you do not know how to change your reality. In your inner space of stillness and silence, you will always find an evolutionary answer.

*Strengthen your commitment: take responsibility for the reality that you want to materialize. Much energy and support are required to transition into your highest timeline. The Power of a Community gives you the motivation to elevate and keep focused on your highest vision. It is a key moment to find your Community of Ascension and to be guided towards self-realization.

*Transcend the old paradigm: it is a favourable moment to resolve the programmes that you have taken for granted. After having had a fixed mindset for ages, your thought patterns have become habitual. Your discernment and clarity can help you identify the hidden mental and emotional patterns that you have learnt to value because they might have been socially reinforced and validated.

*Rearrange your reality: Your home, your relationships, your service/business and your resources are asking to be redirected. They are looking for a new purpose and destination. Allow yourself to reconsider your priorities and to start making heart-felt choices instead of making decisions based on fear and attachment. Elevate your intentions so that they match your highest energy frequency. The division of timelines and realities is becoming evident. We need to make a decision as to which reality we choose to participate in and redirect our resources to support the reality that we wish to realize. Remember that what you invest in, prospers. What do you wish to cultivate and expand?

*Acknowledge your Light Family: though your anchor point is internal, reuniting with your light family and light community is key to expanding consciousness without falling for the tricks of the mind. Your family of origin might not share or support your evolutionary path, but your light family will take its place. It represents all those whose share your vision and are aligned with your core energy frequency and hold space for you to let go of your ancestral attachments and your fear of collective judgement so that you can walk your life path freely.

*Release old patterns: Are you trapped in a vicious circle? Which circle (of relationships and experiences) do you want to leave? What and who would like to say goodbye to?

Farewells have a negative connotation for people, but they mean that you are ready to transcend your seeming limitations. To ‘fare’ means to perform, succeed, manage, prosper and also to travel. Therefore, to fare well means that you get along with your new reality because you have cultivated enough energy to embrace and enjoy your new destination. Everything that you say goodbye to reflects your evolution; it is what you choose to give to the Divine Source as proof of your learnt lessons. It implies that you have accessed more wisdom, that you have matured and that you are ready to receive more abundance. Saying goodbye means acknowledging your expansion and embracing your spiritual greatness. It shows that you have expanded your ability to love.

To conclude, I invite you to reflect on the following questions. It is important that your vision is clear so that you can use your energy wisely and realize your most abundant vision.

*Which version of your Self have you outgrown? Which one do you wish to integrate? Which emotional-financial loops are you ready to step out of?
*Which reality do you believe you deserve? What are you willing to invest in it?
*Are you ready to stop identifying yourself with your old family and social roles and become the highest version of YourSelf?

Open your heart to the power of precipitation. Let go of your linear intentions and take a quantum leap.