I invite you to reflect on the Source of your Desires. What is their purpose? What are you looking for?

Are your desires transcendental? What do you really desire? To take something from others or to give something to others? If your desires come from your ego and your need for self-gratification, what you get from them is ephemeral; happiness and satisfaction vanish before your mind can come up with a new need. If your desires come from your Self, from your inner source of abundance, they always inspire you to Serve.

Need and constant search are the fuel of the mind. It needs to find imperfection in order to keep occupied and feed its core programme: lack. Your thoughts show you what you believe you lack to keep you busy searching for what you need to obtain or achieve. What would happen if your mind stopped searching for something external in order to find fulfilment? What would happen if you focused your vital energy instead of feeling the need to consume something external to feel satisfied? What would happen if you let go of all your desires and expectations?

If you stopped searching for external input and looked within, what would you find? Your willingness to GIVE. This is what your mental programmes avoid. They entertain you and make you take energy from others instead of helping you realize that you are abundant. Your belief system numbs you and reaffirms your weak and limited personality, which supposedly has nothing valuable to contribute.

If you surrendered all your desires to the Divine Source, you would realize that your heart always finds abundance, but your mind always perceives lack. According to the Law of Correspondence, both receive what they expect to find. Human Beings are so attached to their apparent limitations that they become part of their identity.

Desires that come from need reinforce your low self-esteem, self-pity and your feeling of neediness. However, desires that come from your inner source of abundance inspire you because they remind you of your highest possibilities.

You can only remember your true essence by giving. Lack is an illusion that governs your life and makes you feel incomplete. It keeps you waiting. Only those in need wait. If you perceive yourself as complete, you will not wait for something external to replenish you, but embrace your inner paradise. Need makes you believe that you are a victim of circumstances and of those around you. You perceive that your realization depends on something external instead of accepting that your most abundant life depends on your choices.

Acknowledging that you are the Source of your reality means taking responsibility for the use of your free will. It means that you stop judging the reality you choose to experience, whether you are conscious of your priorities or not, and that you stop projecting your frustration because there are no external offenders. Your entire reality is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. No one is choosing on your behalf. At this level of understanding, you can start neutralizing your inner victim. This is human responsibility.

When you acknowledge that God is responsible for every single experience because All that exists comes from the Divine Source, you take responsibility to the next level. Surrendering everything to the Divine Source does not imply giving away your responsibility, but acknowledging the origin of everything.  Ultimately, you must surrender your free will to God. This is personal liberation. You relinquish your subjective opinions, self-punishment, and the habit of judging your reality according to a limited perspective; you open up to see life as it truly is. This is divine responsibility.

When you submit all your limitations to the Divine Source, they dissolve in the presence of Light. Love-Truth dismantles the illusion created by fear. You cease to need something in particular because you leave everything in God’s hands; everything falls into place and abundance flows.

As you stop resisting the Divine Will, you start having Faith in Divine Power. The highest act of surrender and, therefore, of Self-love is to have a desire for desirelessness. This way, you stop being a victim, you stop perceiving lack and waiting for something external to complete you and you start perceiving yourself as an unlimited Being. You realize that everything your mind creates to make you feel fearful and guilty is false. If you let go of desires, you can free yourself from the demands of your ego, which require your constant attention. Desirelessness is the Path to Inner Peace.