Your Divine Human awakens when you are prepared to transcend your separation with your Divine Source and you complete the phase called Divine Embodiment, i.e. your unification with Higher Consciousness. Your human programmes are erased as well as all the behaviours that used to define your personality and you embrace your divine qualities and gifts.

Your Worthiness Codes are activated as you reclaim your Inner Light.

In your transition to your Divine Human expression, you can expect to go through certain stages that will train you to have Faith in your highest vision. Your Divinization  is progressive and involves multiple revelations so that you can gently integrate the new wisdom.

Today I want to share with you 3 of the internal shifts that will occur as you surrender to your inner transformation: the phases of Preparation, Purification and Surrender are all initiations that help you align with your highest energy frequency. They don't happen linearly, one after the other, but quantumly. Nor do they happen just once; they interweave and feed each other, forming a spiral of infinite evolution.

The preparation stage gives you time to question the collective belief system you are attached to so that you can eventually embrace Self-Mastery. It prepares you to trust your wisdom and begin your journey of ascension. It helps you let go of the systems and structures upon which you have built your reality till you find liberation.

The purification stage involves clearing mental-emotional programmes and internal resistance. You release your core addictions and attachments and prepare your physical vessel and light body to embody higher vibrations. You get rid of internal toxicity (mental, emotional and physical) and everything that interferes with your divine connection. It is a stage of constant simplification of superficial needs and of everything that you unconsciously consume to fill an internal void.

The surrender stage invites you to let go of your egoic will, your personality, your small self, your subjective opinions and your inner struggle so that you can accept the Will of God. It inspires you to heal your initial wound (the perception that you are separate from God) since that false belief creates duality and, therefore, pain and suffering. As you know you are whole, you return to Unity.

In our new online programme The Divine Human, we will support your spiritual expansion as you discover that you can trust the Path of Love & Truth and that all that life invites you to experience is the Power of your Inner Light … in action. Your highest purpose is not aimed at accomplishing something specific as a way to obtain social approval or personal gratification, but to reveal who you are at the core of your Being.

The New Education is internal, as it leads you to focus on self-inquiry so that you can (eventually) share your innate virtues with Humanity. We will go through 7 Divine Portals and we will activate 27 Light Codes so that you can reconnect with your Sacred Destiny and embrace your highest timeline.

Are you ready to awaken your Divine-Human Consciousness and open up to experience all the quantum possibilities of the Enlightened Age?

This Programme is not meant for followers, but for (potential) Leaders and Masters of the New Humanity who wish to take responsibility for Global Change. We will walk you to the Gates of the Kingdom and inspire you to have a direct experience of God-Consciousness. You decide when to cross this Portal, together with the Divine Presence. When you activate your Free Spirit, you recover the Faith in your Life Path; your search ceases and your Sacred Destiny unfolds: the state in which you can co-create with the Divine Source.

We welcome you to our Community and invite you to attune to the frequencies that are supporting Planetary Ascension and to embrace the wisdom that will guide The New Human Civilization.

More information about our Online Programme: http://bit.ly/DS-TDH