Where can you find security and stability in times of transition? How can you rely on your highest vision when external reality is uncertain and there seems to be no clear boundaries?

Your anchor point is in your heart, outside of your conditioned mind. It is in your space of inner stillness and silence, where you can hear the Divine Will and not be governed by limiting beliefs. You need to rely on your inner vision.

How can you keep your Faith without being discouraged by external factors? This energy transmission helps you find inner balance so that you don't lose your enthusiasm and motivation. In moments of despair or hopelessness, don't compromise. Do not be di-spirited, that is, do not lose touch with your divine spirit. Don’t be deprived of the vital energy that drives your actions and that helps you realize enlightened realities. Without energy there is no abundance. Your reality is vibrational; you need to cultivate energy to be able to realize your highest vision.

What demotivates you?
What explanations or excuses does your mind produce to justify the limitations of your current reality?

Finding your internal Anchor Point involves dismantling the illusion created by the mind. Every thought is false because it comes from lack and fear. It doesn't respond to Love and Truth.

You know that you're anchored in your inner power center when you feel expanded and excited. Only the Divine Truth can ignite inner bliss. If you feel that you are apathetic, resigned or that you are postponing your dreams and conforming to a restricted reality, your mind is limiting you. You're seeing impossibility (lack of opportunities) rather than endless possibilities.

The key to finding your anchor point within is to embrace your greatness and know that you have the energy to realize yourSelf. You need to cultivate your spiritual energy and tune into the frequencies of the Enlightened Age to receive all the wisdom that inspires you to live in freedom, enjoying 'non-structures'.

The transformation that Humanity is undergoing is from the sinful mentality to the Miraculous Consciousness, that is, from a perception of lack, unworthiness and self-punishment to an experience of infinite abundance. Anchoring yourself in your Faith is understanding the dynamics of the Divine.

Finally, what you're willing to let go of right now is proportional to what you're open to receive. Remember that emptying your vessel from your belief system allows you to receive the Light Codes that ignite your Divine Potential. The more you clear your inner space, the  more light you can absorb and amplify. And the more light you integrate, the easier it is to align with your Sacred Destiny. Inner Light helps you precipitate an enlightened reality.

Those who thrive in this Enlightened Age know how to make a proper use of their energy; they use their free will to align with the Higher Will. When Heaven (Divine Will) and Earth (Human Will) come together, Divine Miracles happens. That's your Anchor Point: the state of Unity that gives you access to the quantum field that contains all the possibilities.