In this second part of this Divine Transmission I will share more of the frequencies that will be released with the opening of the Lions Gate.

*This Portal supports the healing of our fear of authority and abuse of power. This is one of the programmes that prevents us form embracing Unity Consciousness and interferes with the reunification of Sacred Unions, Light Families and Light Communities. For many Beings, this Portal will mean the complete emptying of the old paradigm and of victim mentality.

*Two of the main Frequencies that are helping us enter this new density of consciousness are Intimacy and Consideration. They invite us to devote this week to being in (inner) silence, introspective, and to open new receptive channels to attune to new transmissions of energy. They also invite us to consider new perspectives and peaceful options to resolve individual and collective challenges. It is a call to eradicate human pain and suffering and alleviate the burden that many people feel so that they can step into their Path of Liberation.

*Another aspect of the old paradigm that is being revisited is Vanity. It represents all the mental effort we make in order to believe we are creating reality by ourselves, by edging God out. It encompasses all the personal merit that seeks self-glorification and self-gratification instead of embracing the Power of the Light as our Source of vital energy force and miraculous realizations. We can only co-create Divine Realities by respecting the spiritual hierarchy.

*This Portal gives you the opportunity to consciously reconnect with your Perfect Tuning so that every aspect that is not aligned with Love-Truth can be corrected/recalibrated. You cannot become whole by mentally-inducing yourSelf to a higher reality. You need to become that vibration and remember your energy signature and Divine Blueprint (from direct experience). You can listen to that primordial sound when you remain in stillness and silence and allow for the Inner Alchemy in which the Mind and the Heart unify, in Holy Matrimony.

*In order to gracefully attune to the energies of this Portal, I suggest that you prepare your altar, a space for spiritual elevation/upliftment, a sanctuary where you can gather some of the elements that can help you amplify your energy field and remember who you are. I particularly recommend you to choose a Crystal (if you don’t have one at home you can connect with it energetically through the Power of Conscious Intention), a representative of the Elemental Kingdom (Fire, Earth, water, Air, Ether) and your Totem (Power Animal). When you meditate, ask that this wisdom is revealed so that you know which aspects of consciousness can support you as you align with the new collective consciousness that is awakening en masse.

*I also inspire you to set you individual and collective intentions since they will help you focus and understand what you need to let go of, what you are ready to embrace, be clear on the lessons and challenges that might be coming to the surface during this week and remember that they are all gateways to self-realization. If your Higher Mind and Higher Heart are clear, your ascension will be gentle because there will be no resistance created by ignorance (unconscious patterns).

*Last but not least, this is a Portal to Truth. It promises to take you to the other side of the veil, that is beyond the illusion created by fear. It inspires you to own Full Responsibility for your life. This means that you are given the chance to let go of relative beliefs and to become aware of the fact that you are responsible for every life situation/exchange. Responsibility cannot be selective; it is all-inclusive.

May you be inspired to answer your highest calling and embrace your Sacred Destiny!