This Divine Transmission intends to prepare you to accept all the blessings that come with the opening of the Lions Gate (8/8/2020). This door to another density of consciousness is an opportunity to jump timelines, to let go of everything that has defined you and has already been embraced/acknowledged and inspire you to externalize your Divine Expression.

To enter a Portal means that you will attune to its main frequencies in order to accept inner transformation. As you make your way through it, your energy field and your consciousness will be recalibrated so that you can become aware of your non-authentic aspects/behaviours (to choose to let go of them) and so that you can perceive, in a crystal clear way, which Divine Virtues you are ready to awaken within.

The days prior to the Gates opening invite you to be in harmony with the Ascension Frequencies. I will share a few themes and practices that you can bear in mind/heart to facilitate the absorption of the New Planetary Frequencies.

First, I want to share some of the ‘’programmes’’(conditioning) that this Portal encourages you to illuminate and, then, suggest a few concrete practices that can help you prepare your Home (both internal and external) to embody (more of) your Light. As you de-clutter all your spaces, you become more receptive.

*This Portal is a Window of Opportunities to activate Divine Abundance and to awaken Inner Greatness. Especially for those of us who are connected with the Ray of Consciousness that guards the attributes of Health, Abundance and Precipitation, it is a key moment to accelerate/complete our Divine Embodiment, that is to fully accept Christ Consciousness ... within. It is Divine Time to choose the Path of the Ascended Masters and be led by Higher Consciousness / Divine Will.

*There is a deepening of our mental-emotional healing. We can heal/become whole all that is creating separation within. Healing mainly needs to happen in the mind (as it opens to receive light energy) since all our emotions and physical symptoms stem from our belief systems. What makes us think that we are separate from God is our conditioned mind. Most people are frustrated because they feel that, since they have been engaged in spiritual and healing practices for so long, the should not be experiencing limitations or perceiving distortions; they think that they have failed and they lose FAITH in their own healing/unification. Remember that, generally speaking, people choose to attune to the Truth over time. They need to peel multiple layers of the onion before they can touch their Inner Light. When you access that space, all limitations gently dissolve, which means that you have to be willing to surrender ALL of your human belief system to Divine Truth. The Path of Mastery does not imply perfection (as the ego interprets it) but the openness to be grateful for each limitation and your predisposition to use them to heal. Self-Mastery is not defined by ''lack of challenges'' but by the attitude you hold when they show up in your reality.

One aspect of mental purification involves your disposition to allow Divine Intervention to help you clear your central nervous system and to release all the stress you have accumulated. Since most of the new frequencies lead us to BE and STOP DOING (stop the auto-pilot), we need to soothe our masculine energy in order to find inner balance. The Bridge to the Enlightened Age is the unification of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in the Inner Temple of every Being. It is a Sacred Ceremony.

*Another important point to mention is that the great trap of healing is that many people believe they need to forgive life circumstances or other people when the only wound/trauma/distortion that causes us suffering is separation from God. You will never heal/whole if you are looking for external reasons or interpretations. You need to access the root of your pain, illuminate your core source of suffering. This is the accelerated path that The Power of Truth offers you today.

*This Portal is facilitating the dismantling of the 3D Matrix within all those who are ready to transition into Unity. In other words, it is helping us transcend the Age of Pisces so that we can become Aquarians. The previous Age revered the mind because disconnection occurs (we believe in it) when our hearts close and we are unable to feel. The evolutionary step that we are being called to take is to open our hearts in order to receive the Wisdom of the Enlightened Age. In order to fully embrace and transcend the constructs/templates of Piscis we need to let go of attachment to organized religion (the need for an external saviour), dogma, fixed and rigid forms, all the structures and systems that have been created by a fearful mind and traditional jobs, relationships and lifestyles.

The Age of Aquarius invites us to align with the Divine Mother Frequencies so that we can prepare our vessel to awaken the Inner Christ: our Inner Light.