You are not your thoughts or emotions. Your mental-emotional compass is one of the tools that your consciousness gifts you to become aware of your inner state. Your internal measuring instrument is accurate and fail-proof. What does it measure? Your alignment with Source. It’s as simple as following your bliss, that is what feels good, what IS aligned. Your thoughts and emotions are a clear reflection of your subconscious belief system and of your limited perception.

It is vital to clarify that there tends to be a confusion between what feels good to the ego and what is authentic to your True Self. The limited mind has been trained to compromise and, therefore, creates a false sense of well-being; it is focused on getting a job, a house and on building a strong family to feel safe. It is attached to external sources of happiness  and seeks instant gratification to feel satisfied.

So, what does it mean to BE aligned?

¨Bliss¨, ¨peace¨, ¨love¨, ¨truth¨ and ¨joy¨ are not mere concepts, ideas or feelings that can only be grasped for a fleeting moment. They emit a unified vibration that makes you aware of the presence of your True Self. You can perceive it when you open your heart and expand your limits. They transmit a stream of light that expands your energy field as you embody those frequencies.

To be aligned is to claim the highest version of yourself. Low vibrational emotions do not appear randomly and are not there to be ignored, but to be explored and transcended. They help you adjust your compass and find your North: Love. So, whenever you feel fear, guilt, anger, resentment, jealousy or contempt it is clear that you are out of alignment because you are not perceiving Love.

For example, you might be angry with a friend who has been hiding important information. When you find out about it, you might become reactive. Your ego (limited perspective) might make you believe that cursing your friend would be fair. However, only your ego would be satisfied because every time you feed it, it gains power. Even if you feel you have the right to purge your mind, this impulse will make you feel dense and will weigh you down. Though you may feel temporarily relieved, the ego will weaken your energy field.

When you choose to walk the Path of Unity and you decide to heal your distorted perception, the power of sincere intention is revealed.  Make a commitment to see Love within and without. Open your heart and clear your emotions; stop judging or avoiding them. You can visualize yourself as a transparent Being who can allow emotions pass through You. Dive in with Faith. Your Higher Self is always holding space for this quantum transformation to occur. 

When you surrender to the Power of a Community, you can share your path with like-hearted Beings who are constantly evolving and you can embrace collective experiences to accelerate your evolution. Meditation and energy activations are key to finding your way back to your Self. You will become aware of the fact that you are part of something bigger that can never disappoint you because you are One.