We tend to feel purer when we read, listen or speak about spirituality or human evolution. We believe that adhering to certain spiritual concepts makes us smarter, responsible or even more authentic. However, spirituality is not exclusively defined by external behaviours but by our vibration. This means that what makes us spiritual cannot be faked.

True spirituality means embodying our Spirit and embracing Higher Consciousness as the ultimate Truth.

Postures are ego-driven; they reflect an unconscious strategy that we use to seek social approval without undergoing a real transformation. It is important to transcend this pattern and to let go of pretenses so that we can face our fears and transcend our lack of integrity, hypocrisy and all the excuses we come up with to delay our own transformation.

Avoidance is the cause of human conflicts.

The gap between what we say and what we actually do is so big that we feel the need to justify our distortions. As we take them for granted and minimize their effect they begin to corrupt our relationships, our social, professional, and family life and our self-perception.

Instead, when we align with Higher Wisdom we surrender to Love-Truth and experience coherence. We respect our spiritual desires and we stop feeding the needs of our personality. We use our vital energy force wisely. New Human values stem from our heart as we touch our core vibration and dismantle the lower realities we still participate in. As our humanitarian heart awakens, we can more easily let go of old programmes such as co-dependency, manipulation, greed, dishonesty and judgment. We are being called to realize The New Earth without as we embrace it within.

What we fully appreciate, unfolds in our reality.