Let your Self shine! False modesty disempowers you; Self acknowledgment amplifies your capacity to Love. You’ve learnt to undervalue yourself because deep down you don’t know who you really are. Self-contempt not only makes you underestimate your life, but also tolerate lack of authenticity in your relationships. We have learnt to lower our standards to avoid making other people uncomfortable. Therefore, we feel safe when we conform and we feel threatened when we value our potential.

What do you believe corresponds to you? What do you truly desire? What is apparently holding you back?

Your ego aspect finds compliments awkward because it is afraid of greatness. It makes you believe that if you compromise, you will fit in. Consequently, you don´t embrace your potential or recognize it in others. You begin to hold yourSelf back and lose power, while projecting your desired gifts and opportunities onto others. As you satisfy your ego’s hidden agenda, authentic self-acknowledgment becomes distorted and turns into arrogance or envy.

How can we transcend this ancestral pattern in order to evolve as a species? By appreciating our Higher Self, that is, our true potential. It is key to start looking for love and gratitude within. When we identify our inner rejection to abundance, ego mechanisms dissolve. Higher Consciousness does not judge our programming; on the contrary, it helps us take responsibility for our seeming limitations and let them go without resistance.

Every time we appreciate our unique gifts and value we claim aspects of our True Self that would otherwise remain unnoticed and we are receptive to  infinite abundance.