Are you ready to access the Silence of your Being? All that you are looking for is within You. 

Join our energetic trip to experience deep renovation and to release mental-emotional-physical trauma to experience a deeper state of peace and harmony. We invite you to share your evolutionary path with other members of our Community, access high-vibrational frequencies and enjoy the beach and the natural surroundings.

Are you ready to embrace Divine Providence?
Are you ready to realize your highest vision?

Are you ready to commit to your infinite expansion?
Are you willing to raise the vibration of our collective consciousness?

Transcend your limitations instead of negotiating with them!

Join this wave of collective Enlightenment and feel what it is like to tap into the Universal Flow and to be guided by the Law of Unity. We will share live transmissions, advanced energy activations and enlightened exchanges so that each participant can connect with all they need to know to experience genuine spiritual liberation.

Ignite your deepest passions and free your KI (life force) to unlock your Divine Potential!

Reveal the 5 Phases of Silence and use them as Portals to Unity Consciousness.
Explore the transformative Power of Love-Truth.
Let go of unconscious attachments to uncover your Sacred Destiny.
Access the inner planes of consciousness to accelerate and amplify your expansion.
Raise your vibration to overcome mental limitations and experience Self-realization.
Receive Quantum Health Master Codes.
Actualize your physical-light body.
Open interdimensional energy portals.
Embrace the power of Unity Consciousness.
And much, much more!

This intensive programme takes place at Sublime Samaná Hotel - www.sublimesamana.com

One day at Sublime Samaná Hotel includes:

Highly-transformational guidance that you can apply to accelerate individual & collective evolution.

Energy transmissions that awaken The New Humanity.
Energy activations and tune-ups that help you embrace your authentic life path.
Physical Training to reactivate your innate gifts and unleash your Light Potential.
High-Vibe Community sharing and support.
Spare time on the beach and in natural surroundings.
Time to embody high light frequencies.

We invite you to explore the Power of Silence and to reveal the universal secrets it has held throughout eternity!

Next Event: June 2021.


Start date
: Saturday 12th at 11 am.
End date: Saturday 19th at 1 pm.
Duration: 8 days; 7 nights.
Location: Sublime Samaná Hotel, Dominican Republic.
Value of the programme: (it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare):

Adults & teens (+13): USD 888.
Kids (7-12): USD 444.
Infants (up to 6): free.

OPTION 2: It includes the opening of the 3rd Portal of Divine Providence (Summer Solstice - June 21st)

Start date
: Saturday 12th at 11 am.
End date: Monday 21st at 1 pm.
Duration: 10 days; 9 nights.
Location: Sublime Samaná Hotel, Dominican Republic.
Value of the programme: (it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare):

Adults & teens (+13): USD 1111.
Kids (7-12): USD 555.
Infants (up to 6): free.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE! Make your hotel reservation and book your flight before signing up for this live event. Destino Sagrado is only responsible for delivering the Programmes and does not provide travel services. Residence at the Sublime Samaná Hotel is a mandatory requirement only for the duration of the programme. ***

In order to support your evolution, we will give you access to our private facebook group so that you can connect with other participants, share insights, ask questions and enjoy the Power of Unity in action. As you connect with other members of our Light Community who share the same vision and as you reunite with your Light Family & Community, you will feel empowered and free to reveal your Authentic Life Path. Even if we will hold Sacred Space for you and we will contribute our wisdom to enlighten the group exchanges, we will prioritize your active participation so that you get involved with individual and collective transformation.

Welcome to this heart-opening experience!
Gaitana & Yantal.

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