Join our monthly group 2-hour sessions to awaken your Quantum Materializer! We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month so that you can align with your highest vision, stay focused and activate new Light Codes (quantum opportunities) together with our Community. Each month we will adapt the energy transmissions to the themes we find relevant at that present moment.

We will share advanced materialization keycodes that will help you accelerate your evolution, powerful energy activations and a live Q&A so that we can exchange grounded wisdom to help you walk through your main life themes.

Are you ready to unleash your creative potential?
Can you trust your Inner Quantum Materializer to transform your life?

We invite you to:

*Access the Quantum Field.
*Discover who you truly are.
*Find inner stability.
*Focus on your Self-realization.
*Explore timeline dynamics to accelerate your evolution.
*Go past your Inner Dreamer and become a Quantum Materializer.
*Reveal your life purpose.
*Unplug from the collective consciousness (disempowering belief systems).
*Resolve inner lack prgrammes and find liberation.
*Surrender to the power/value of Service.
*Awaken your humanitarian vision.

Next Date: Saturday, August 8th.
Time: 2 pm (Dominican Republic) / 2 pm (EST) / 3 pm (Argentina) Time Zone Converter
Modality: Zoom (virtual platform).
Contribution:  Spontaneous Contribution. You value your own experience. Click Here


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Welcome to this Quantum experience!

The Team.