We are Energy Masters and Code Keepers serving Planetary Enlightenment and ready to guide you on the path to individual and collective evolution. We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we Serve a global community of spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace Higher Consciousness and awaken their divine potential. We share shortcuts to help you transcend your limiting belief system so that you can connect with your inner wisdom and open a portal to infinite possibilities. We are passionate about transmitting consciousness in all its forms to catalyze the collective remembrance of Humanity’s full potential. Our commitment to this Humanitarian Mission is our primary occupation.

Our main teachings are based on the following premises:

You are Divinity.
You are Responsible for everything that happens in your reality.
Love-Truth is the key to awakening your gift of Inner Alchemy.
Your Mission is your legacy to Humanity and to the Planet.
Your Service is your means of Ascension.

We have given birth to a new form of Education that is aligned with the values of The Enlightened Age. This implies that each Human Being can access their own wisdom and keys to evolution to make a valuable contribution to Humanity and to the Planet. Self-realized Beings have a positive impact on all areas of human development since they prioritize the common good. They bring innovation and concrete opportunities for transformation. They are governed by the Law of Unity, which brings prosperity to all. Those who are aware of their original wisdom are beneficial to the human collective.

We are eager to share our Light Technology to help you embrace your Self-Mastery and to help you clear your ancestral imprints so that you can transform your reality smoothly and gracefully. 

We support global evolution and, therefore, we share what we most value:

shortcuts & insightful inspirationso that you can embrace your energy signature and trust your unique leadership style.
practical wisdom,
 so that you can embrace your spiritual power and transform your reality as you embody your highest timeline reality.
synthesis and acceleration, so that you can access the Unified Field of Consciousness and catalyze your transformation.
constant renovation, so that you can integrate what is relevant in each phase of individual and collective evolution.

Do you also visualize an Ascended Humanity? Together, we can shape our highest destiny! Join our online programmes and in-person events to support our global initiative!

Private Energy Sessions.
Realize The New Earth.
Sacred Temple.
The Divine Human.
Divine Alchemy.
Quantum Renovation.
Immersion Trips in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

Accelerate your transformation through the Power of Unity!

Let’s catalyze global unity together! Let’s reveal our evolutionary path and make the Human Journey easier and more exciting!

Welcome to our Community!
Gaitana Yantal.

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